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Dear Friends,

You are going to love exploring Nebraska!  Few people realize, until they arrive, the breathtaking beauty of my home state.

Sandhill Crane

The Niobrara River weaves through the north providing thrill-seekers with whitewater rafting adventures while also offering families a gentle canoe ride through awe-inspiring sights. People flock to Nebraska from around the world to see the sandhill cranes soar against a rural sunset as they migrate north selecting Nebraska as a rare respite on the journey. Passionate Husker fans cheer on the 19 women's and men's squads in Lincoln, and on football Saturdays, nowhere in the country is as electric as the 80,000-strong Memorial Stadium, igniting the entire state into a Big Red fervor.

FallsFor those in search of more than a vacation, you can't beat the good life in Nebraska. Neighbors still reach out to one another. Hard-working families throughout the state manage five Fortune 500 companies and others form the foundation of our country's agriculture. Nebraska has far more than meets the eye of someone simply looking at a map. I invite you to find out for yourself.

One doesn't need to travel far in Nebraska to see why our state motto is, "The Good Life."