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February 13, 2013

Video Release: Johanns Legislation Presses EPA for Transparency, Responsiveness

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) today spoke on the Senate floor about four pieces of legislation he is introducing to require greater transparency and accountability from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulatory process. He called on Congress to pass these commonsense reforms and help Americans frustrated by the EPA’s burdensome regulatory process.

More information on the individual legislative components of Johanns’ EPA regulatory reform legislation is available HERE.

Video of Johanns’ remarks is available HERE. To download, broadcast quality video click HERE.

Below are excerpts from Johanns’ remarks. A full, unofficial, transcript is also available HERE.

  • “ I rise today to discuss changes needed at the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, to rebuild public trust and transparency. The reviews of this agency are almost unanimous from my constituents in Nebraska. Quite frankly, my constituents are frustrated and sometimes are just plain angry. And while the details and the specific issues will vary from one industry to another, the theme seems to always be the same. Nebraskans think that EPA doesn't understand domestic businesses, nor do they understand job creation. From specific industries to their employees to their customers, they think the agency is not transparent, arrogant, and oftentimes unresponsive.”


  • Nebraskans frustration is driven by both what EPA Is trying to do -- meaning the content of the rules and standards – as well as how the agency is making its decisions. So today, Madam President, I will be introducing several proposals to address these two areas.


  • “I've outlined four commonsense solutions designed to respond to reasonable concerns of real people and to respond to their heartfelt frustration with this agency. But, above all, they promote transparency and they promote responsible government.”
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