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February 13, 2012

Johanns: Administration Continues to Violate Conscience Protections

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) today spoke on the Senate floor to denounce the Obama Administration’s so-called compromise on the birth control mandate announced late last week.  

Below are excerpts from Johanns’ remarks on the Senate floor:

  • “At issue is one of the very basic rights in this country. It is one of the basic rights that this country was founded to protect. It's the right to freely exercise religion, a right the President pledged to uphold when taking the Oath of Office.”
  • “The truth is that many individuals who object to contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs as a matter of religious principle will still have to provide them and pay for them... The cost, of course, will be passed along to every employer and every American in the form of premiums that we pay. Calling these services ‘free’ is flat wrong. There is a cost, and unfortunately, it's a high one at that. They come at the cost of our religious freedoms."
  • “This fight is about religious and moral beliefs. It's not about accounting. What we have witnessed this past week is another attempt to hide the unpopular reality with layers of misleading rhetoric and hollow promises.”
Click here for an unofficial transcript and here for Johanns’ full remarks:
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