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April 24, 2012

Johanns Votes to Support Employee Rights, Small Businesses

WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) today voted to block the National Labor Relations Board from implementing a new rule allowing unions to force ambush organizing elections in as few as 10 days. The resolution failed by a vote of 45-54.

“Congress has the authority and responsibility to ensure government agencies don’t abuse their power,” Johanns said. “The NLRB should understand its job is to ensure fair labor elections and a fair shake all around, not to compromise employees' rights simply to benefit one side or another. This misguided rule is a slap in the face to both workers and small businesses, and I’m disappointed the Senate didn’t act to block it.”

The NLRB rule allows national union bosses to start a unionization campaign and immediately hold elections to form unions before employers and employees can work together to address their concerns. The NLRB chairman has indicated that once the rule is implemented, he plans to pursue additional controversial rules like requiring employers to turn over the phone numbers and email addresses of all their employees to union officials.

Johanns was an original cosponsor of the joint resolution of disapproval challenging the NLRB’s rule on union ambush elections.

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