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July 27, 2009

Johanns To Oppose Judge Sotomayor Nomination

Washington, DC

Senator Mike Johanns released the following statement today regarding his decision to oppose Judge Sonia Sotomayor's nomination for Supreme Court Justice:

"After thoroughly reviewing Judge Sotomayor's record and judicial philosophy, and watching her testimony and responses to my colleagues during the Judiciary Committee's hearing process, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot support her nomination.

"Analyzing Judge Sotomayor's record, I was concerned that the nominee would not unquestionably set aside her biases and be able to decide cases impartially based upon the rule of law. However, meeting with Judge Sotomayor and listening to her responses when questioned by my colleagues only raised further doubts.

"Particularly troubling is Judge Sotomayor's case history before the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has substantively reviewed ten of her court decisions - eight of those decisions have been reversed or vacated, another sharply criticized, and one upheld in a 5-4 decision. This record raises serious concerns in my mind about the nominee's judicial philosophy and her ability to correctly interpret the law.

"I also have deep reservations about Judge Sotomayor's position on the Second Amendment. Her view that the Second Amendment is not a fundamental right is an alarmingly narrow viewpoint that should startle law-abiding gun owners in Nebraska and across the country.

"While I do not believe Judge Sotomayor is the right person to become our next Supreme Court justice, I commend her for her years and dedication as a public servant. She should be proud of her achievements."

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