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Health Care Reform

"Access to quality, affordable health care is a real concern for Nebraskans. We can all agree that health care costs are rising at rates that create hardship on many families and businesses, and ultimately are unsustainable for state and federal governments. Unfortunately, the President's health care law was the wrong prescription for reform. I will continue my work to wipe this misguided law from the books to protect the rights of Americans to choose their doctor, select their insurance and trust in their own good judgment.
Achieving access to high quality, affordable care is possible by enacting transparent, step-by-step reforms rather than a 2,700 page bill written behind closed doors.  I support common-sense initiatives, like expanding Health Savings Accounts, allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines, and creating pools in which small businesses can unite to secure better rates.  In addition, we can cut costs by reforming medical liability laws.  Our current system encourages frivolous lawsuits which come at a high cost to doctors, taxpayers, and truly injured patients who deserve timely compensation.  We can also protect consumers and hold insurance companies more accountable by increasing transparency, standardizing paperwork, and helping those with pre-existing conditions gain access to care.  I will continue to advocate for these responsible and effective solutions."

                                                                                                                                 -Senator Mike Johanns

Sen. Johanns Floor Speech on Health Law Ruling

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