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Academy Nominations

Each year a very select group of America’s finest young high school graduates are selected to attend one of the United States service academies. I am honored to nominate some of Nebraska’s most accomplished young people to compete for appointments to the academies. My Director of Military Affairs, retired U.S. Army Colonel Tom Kallman, administers my nomination process. He will help you through the nomination process and organize the selection board I will use to choose nominees.

The Nomination and Application Processes

Students interested in an academy appointment must apply for a congressional nomination and make a separate application to each service academy desired. Each year, Senator Johanns can nominate up to ten individuals for each vacancy in his allotment at each academy. Each academy selects at least one qualified nominee from these recommendations. 

To apply for a nomination, click here to download the application instructions and form. If you would you like the application instructions and form mailed to you, click here to make the request. Requests for mailed application instructions and forms will be fulfilled after March 1 of the nomination year.

Mail your completed application packet by September 26, 2014, to the address below. The application consists of:

  1. Application information sheet
  2. Personal essay
  3. Personal resume
  4. Three letters of recommendation
  5. SAT and/or ACT with writing section scores
  6. High school transcript information to include class size and student ranking
  7. Recent photograph

Return the packet to:
Senator Mike Johanns
Attn: Academy Nominations
9900 Nicholas Street. Suite #325
Omaha, NE 68114

Applicants must apply to an academy separately in order to be considered for a nomination. Go to the individual academy sites below for their application instructions:

Additional Information

To be competitive for selection to attend an academy, you should rank in the top half of your high school class in a college preparatory curriculum with ACT scores in the 25-36 range in math and science (22-34 range in English). Demonstrated leadership in school and outside of school in extracurricular activities, sports, outside organizations, and jobs is important to being a successful candidate. Accomplishing the physical requirements described in academy catalogues is a must.

Applicants seeking a nomination from Senator Johanns must be legal residents of Nebraska or dependents of members of the military who are Nebraska residents. Additionally, applicants must be citizens of the United States, unmarried with no children or legal obligation for a child, and at least seventeen years of age but not past their 23rd birthday on July 1, of the desired year of entry to the academy.

Here are some tips to maximize your opportunity to be selected to attend an academy:

Begin the nomination and application processes early so you have plenty of time to assemble all critical information and take entrance exams more than once if necessary.

Apply also to Senator Deb Fischer and your Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives for a nomination. Other types of nominations may also be available. Consult academy admissions and their catalogues for more information.

Consider submitting applications to all the military academies to maximize your chances of acceptance if nominated.

Contact the local Area Liaison Officers (ALO) for the academies that interest you. They can help guide you through the application process. Remember, admission requirements and the application process for each academy is different. Academy admissions offices will assist in locating the ALO closest to you.

Visit the academies you are most interested in if possible. The academies have summer programs available that provide for applicants to visit their campuses. Apply early because slots are limited. Consult the admissions catalogues for information.

The deadline for Nebraska students to submit applications for a nomination from Senator Johanns is October 15. Applications received after that date will not be considered. Nominations are announced before February.

Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC)

Every year many highly qualified candidates are not selected or nominated to a service academy. Their dreams of becoming military officers need not end there. ROTC offers the same officer commission and career opportunity as a service academy. Many full tuition and fees ROTC scholarships are available to attend many private and public colleges and universities across the country.

Students should consider applying for these scholarship opportunities as well as to the academies.

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